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Yeast - Yet another Space Debris Shooter

4.0 ( 8560 ratings )
게임 액션 아케이드
개발자: Marco Feikert
0.99 USD

... and its yet another one of those rock shooters.
This is a new, modern version of the game with enhanced gameplay.
There are now different kinds of levels: Speed-Levels, Survival-Levels, Saucer-Levels and of course, to be up to date, Boss-Levels.
To survive, youre given a range of extras: A better & more destroying shot, an all (at least much) destroying bomb and a timed slowdown for everything except your ship. And, of course, Hyperspace is still there.
This game will really be difficult in later levels, but it will never be unfair. Will you master it?
If you prefer the old version of the game, there is also a retro version included, with all the ingredients of the original game.